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How to block the labs measurement system

The APNIC privacy policy covers all activities undertaken at labs.apnic.net.

APNIC Labs also publishes its measurement guidelines which govern the conduct of our experiments.

As a commitment to the community, Apnic Labs respects your privacy. We do not publish details of individual web fetches or the related URLs visited by anyone we measure. However, we understand that some people online don't want to be measured. Accordingly we honour two mechanisms to allow you to stop being measured by the labs system

  • You can elect to accept one long-lived cookie from us, to record you don't want to be measured. We will test for the cookie in flash and javascript, and stop before we run any experiments if its found.

  • You set your browser's "do not track (dnt)" value.

how to set "do not track" in your browser"

The following was taken from life hacker:

  • Chrome: Open the Settings page and click "Show advanced settings." Scroll down to the Privacy section and select Do Not Track.
  • Mobile Chrome: Open the Settings and then Privacy -> Do Not Track.
  • Firefox: Select Preferences -> Privacy and check the box marked, "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked."
  • Internet Explorer: Click the Tools button and then select Internet Options -> Advanced. Select "Always send Do Not Track Header."
  • Safari: Select Preferences -> Privacy and check the box marked "Ask website not to track me."
  • Opera: Select Preferences -> Advanced -> Security and select "Ask websites not to track me."